How to Choose a Blog or Business Name that you Love

When it comes to designing and creating things for myself, I am my biggest critic and always changing my mind. This was definitely the issue I had when I was thinking about what I wanted to name by business. It actually took me weeks to find something that I was excited about. Since I took so long to figure out my business name, I learned a few tricks that helped me out and now I’m sharing them with you. I don’t want you to take as long as I did to choose a name.

Steps for choosing a blog or business name that you will love

Find your focus:

So if you are going to be blogging or starting a business, your business needs to have a focus. If you are blogging, you don’t want to blog about all the things, you should have a specific niche so that you can target a specific audience. The more specific you are with your focus, the more successful your business can be. By focusing on a specific niche you are giving readers a trustworthy and predictable source. If you are going to blog about food and unique recipes then I should be able to go to your site and expect to see recipes. I don’t want to go to your blog to see what you’re wearing or your family vacation. It’s important to know who your target audience is, if you need help: read this post first. So once you find your focus and your target audience, you should use this base to start brainstorming names. You want your name to be based around your audience so they can get a general idea what your business or blog is about just by the name.

Start with Pen and Paper

When I start my designs, I start with sketches in a notepad just so I can get ALL my ideas out with no boundaries. I can draw anything out and it doesn’t matter because they are just sketches. So let’s do the same with your blog name. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing out words or phrases that come to mind. Don’t worry about them sounding lame or not appropriate! Those words might inspire other ideas later on.

(Side note: you can also use a spreadsheet to type out your ideas on your computer but I think that you can get more ideas out on paper.)

Once you have a good amount of words or phrases then you can start trying to pair them together. You might try to something that is metaphorical. For example, I came up with “The Creative Toolbox” so my blog would be a digital toolbox for creative entrepreneurs to reference.

You might also want to use something that incorporates your name or initials. My initials are CT and that is another reason why I thought of The Creative Toolbox because of the C and the T. Another example of using your name would be using a different spelling of your initials such as Cee Tee. Or if your name starts with a B you can spell it out how it sounds like “Bee”.

Another option is to create a word of your own or by adding different endings to your words. Or you can use a pun or take a play on different words. For example, if you are a baker you can try something like “Bakearella”. Try different combinations until you find something you like.

Use a thesaurus.

Once I had pages and ideas of words that I brainstormed, I started using a thesaurus to find other words. At this point I found that there were a lot of names taken so I had to get creative. My initials weren’t working so I decided that I wanted my business name to be an alliteration. ( I LOVE alliterations). This is where the thesaurus came into play. Look up a word and then look at the synonyms. These can all help inspire you. Now start crossing out ones that don’t fulfill your purpose of your blog. Remember you want your name to give insight to what you will be blogging about.

Use a Business Name Generator

Sometimes you get stuck and nothing is quite popping out at you. You can use a business name generator that will help you come up with other words. The likeliness that this generator will give you a complete business name that you fall in love with? Not highly likely, but it will help give you more ideas. I use the Shopify Business Name Generator and it will actually check if the domain names are available as well.

Do your research.

After you find names that you like, you are going to want to research them. Do a search on the internet to see if that name is taken or if the domain name is taken. I use Name Check to see if the domain names were taken or if their social media handles were taken. Also, if you are going to make this into a business, make sure there aren’t any DBAs or trademarks that exist already.

Also consider:

Is your blog name too long?
Is it easy to spell or pronounce?
Will it appeal to your audience?
Does it allow for your business or blog to grow later on? Sometimes using your own name can prohibit you from expanding later on.

The Final Test:

Once you have narrowed your business name down to a couple names, type them out in a normal font, like Arial or Helvetica and print each name out individually on an 8.5″ x 11″ page and tape them around your house or office. Leave them up for a few days so that you can see them on an every day basis and let the ideas sit with you and see if one stands out more than others.

And that’s it! You should have your new business name or blog name. Now you can go by a domain name. (I use NameCheap) or to start your WordPress Site, view this post.

Side note #2:

There are plenty of companies that may not have the greatest or coolest name, but they have an awesome brand and that brand makes the name a good one. So don’t pull all of your hair out trying to figure out a business name. Your amazing brand should make your name unique.

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